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Declan O’Rourke releases 5th Studio Album

Only 2 days to go! Only two days left until the epic, ‘Declan O’Rourke - In Full Colour’ hits the shelves of stores nationwide, and digital platforms across the world. It feels like Christmas Eve here in 'record making land'. This is what Declan and his loyal, hard working team worked towards all year. In fact, [...]

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Morrissey & Marshall Live at the Dublin Unitarian Church

Seldom you walk into a room (5 minutes late admittedly) with a sound of intrigue percolating through your body right away - the audience listening attentively, visibly trying not to miss a word sung of the performance taking place right in front of them. When attending a gig of the undeniably talented Morrissey & Marshall [...]

  • Declan O'Rourke new album release In Full Colour

In A Room With Declan O’Rourke

I am unsure which of my two personalities I should let loose for this very blog - the professional unbiased version, or the fan that has just become? Let's give the latter a go! Working with AMA Music Agency sure has its perks when it comes to gigs and other social events and since I [...]

Festival Acts with AMA Music Agency

The Ultimate Festival Experience with delectable artists straight from the AMA Music Agency roster!   Your Extraordinary summer party begins here; with an abundant of artists of various genres and styles to choose from, entertaining your crowds right at your doorstep or abroad. Together with our expert team and award-winning bands, we ensure that your [...]

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The Best New Website for Finding Wedding Bands in Ireland

AMA Music Agency has been around since 1996, representing some of the best artists in the industry. We are proud of our musicians and our customer base, and always strive to offer you the best solutions to the most common entertainment needs. One of them has always been finding the right wedding band. Your marriage [...]

Declan O’Rourke & Orchestra at Vicar Street

Enjoy an indubitably incredible night with Declan O'Rourke and a full orchestra at Vicar Street on May 07th of this year!     Declan will be performing songs from across his four highly acclaimed albums and of course will excitingly throw in a new composition or two. The full orchestra, which will need to be [...]

Ryan Sheridan experiences China

Monaghan success story and Hot Press cover star Ryan Sheridan has been touring endlessly all over Europe since his release of his number 01 album Here And Now. He didn't stop there however and the demand of live gigs overseas brought him all the way to China, where he has been touring with his band [...]

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10 Entertainment Options For Your Event

Struggling to think of a unique entertainment option for your event? If you want to wow your guests and leave a lasting impression Audio Networks has an eclectic mix of corporate entertainment ideas and party bands that will help you find exactly what you are looking for. You can book all these musicians and acts here [...]

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Ryan Sheridan: Here And Now

Ryan Sheridan reminds us time and time again what an enthralling singer and songwriter he is. His captivating new single “Here And Now” cements his place as one of the top acts in Ireland and the rest of the world alike, as he embarks on various tour dates around the world....   [...]

Declan O’Rourke ALBUM NEWS 2015 !!!

At long last it’s here!!!!! Declan O'Rourke’s FOURTH studio album 'Gold Bars In The Sun' will be released on 15th October 2015 and will be made exclusively available to buy directly through The team behind Declan O'Rourke and of course himself, are incredibly excited to finally unleash his latest record onto the public and [...]