AMA Music Agency / Bandstand have teamed up with INEC Kilarney to showcase emerging Irish artist with “Homegrown Sessions 2012”. INEC Kilarney Homegrown Sessions are a series of Live gigs, recorded in The Acoustic Club and streamed online via their official Facebook Page.

This streaming service gives fans a chance to see their favourite artists live without leaving the couch.
As the sessions take place in The Acoustic Club it give

fans and more intimate and personal vibe.

AMA Music Agency represent the artists included on the INEC Homegrown Sessions bill. Artists include, The Pale, Mark Black, Solar Taxi, runawayGO, The Flaws, Campaign LK, Red Empire and The Shoos.

Best of luck to the INEC Kilarney and all AMA Music Agency”s artists on the Homegrown Sessions Lineup.

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Homegrown Festival