A.M.A Music Agency's new App for artists launched at The Hotpress Music Show last weekend. Bandstand is a new and unique concept that enables artists and bands to take control of all sides of their output, music, merchandising or ticket sales, in one handy Facebook and mobile app. Bandstand received much interest from musicians and industry professionals throughout the weekend, with support from such artists as Aslan, Steve Wall, Bipolar Empire, Royseven, Red Empire, Rebecca Storm to name but a few.

The new music app for mobile and Social media was demonstrated by the AMA Music Agency crew, (Mark Downing, Fraser McAlister, Vinny Ryan, Elaine McCann) with presentations from Mark Downing (Director AMA Music Agency), Freddie Middleton (Independent PR and Music Industry Professional) and Wayne Sheehy (Producer, Composer, Drummer with legendary Ronnie Wood).

Aslan Testimonial

“Bandstand has really helped Aslan to engage with our fans. It has helped us increase our ticket and digital sales. We are really looking forward

to the release of our new album, and selling through Facebook will help us to expand our fan base even further.
Bandstand is the Future.” …. Billy Mc Guinness Aslan

Features of Bandstand App include:

• Music sales via Facebook
• Showcase for music, video and photos
• Ticket sales for live shows
• Realtime customer data
• Live gigs calendar
• International promotion
• Twitter feeds
• Share buttons for all social media

Ham Sandwich Testimonial

“Our Bandstand Is a great way to directly offer our Fans deals on Downloads, Vinyl, T-Shirts & Tickets. It has helped us to build and talk

directly to our Fanbase – it’s really working for us ” – Ollie, HamsandwicH

Bipolar Empire Testimonial

“Bandstand have really helped Bipolar Empire in so many ways. They help get out music out all across the world as well as photo's and video's. Bandstand is great for touring as well, when Bipolar Empire played South America and Russia Bandstand helped publicize everything that was going on in the Empire”… Callum McAdam – Drummer 

To get your Bandstand App today , Visit Bandstand.ie