Top Festival Artists For 2018

From AMA Music Agency.

Another year is upon us and yet another exciting festival season. Here at AMA Music Agency we are bringing you

the Top Irish Festival Artists for 2013. Ireland has some truly talented profile and emerging artists. So if you are booking a Music Festival, no matter what the capacity we have an act to suit you.
Choose from AMA Music Agency”s top artists below.

  1. Gilbert O’ Sullivan
  2. Aslan
  3. The Coronas
  4. Blindboy
  5. Declan O’ Rourke
  6. Paddy Casey
  7. Ryan Sheridan
  8. Keywest
  9. The 4 of Us
  10. Something Happens
  11. Brian Kennedy
  12. Ryan O’Shaughnessy
  13. VINCI
  14. State Lights
  15. Rubberbandits
  16. Andrew Strong ( The Commitments )
  17. Natty Wailer (from Bob Marley Band )
  18. U2 Tribute Band “ Rattle & Hum “ ( Approved by BONO ) **
  19. Jared Dylan USA
  20. TRACK Dogs ( Spain )
  21. Tupelo
  22. Hurricane Highway ( Voted best Country Video)
  23. The Logues

We are now offering comprehensive festival packages, when you book a profile act you get an emerging act at a considerable discount.

To book Ireland”s best artist for your Music Festival  call 353 1 201 3660 and speak to our team at AMA Music Agency.