Try to orlistat india work on tour dates with accompanying press and promotion – your show will receive national and local coverage.

Do the band have an album out? If so they’ll be doing press and radio interviews to promote it, all of which adds extra publicity to live shows.

Can our venue be included in the press release and national adverts?

Who’s in the charts at the moments? Many of our profile bands have regular chart singles and albums. See who’s selling records and book accordingly. Also check on what trends are popular and find an act to match. Our booking team are on hand to advise.

Who can deliver a hundred plus sales to my venue? Take this as a starting point and build your audience from there.

Will they do interviews? All our acts will do press and radio interviews to help promote your show.

Irish bands can offer prizes, meet and greets, autographed merchandise etc – use this to run competitions to give your show and an extra push.

Consider scaled down versions of acts for lower fees. Bands often come in a duo, trio or acoustic form which can be a handy way to accommodate smaller venues or budgets. Contact us for details.

Get first call on Irish artists. As we deal exclusively and directly with our artists, we are able to offer first call on their schedule.

Be involved with the A.M.A. network of sites and As part of a extensive network of music and entertainment sites, we are able to promote our artists and show across the web. We also have links with the award winning music site.