So you want to book a band, either for your venue, your corporate event or your festival. How do you approach the task? It is possible to grab the nearest music guide, find a contact for almost any band and go to them directly yourself. Yet what might seem to be the simplest and most effective method turns out to be far from the best.

Why go through a booking agent? As with many other areas of business, the use of a third party is ultimately the best way to deal with your chosen artist. By dealing directly and exclusively with their acts, an agency can ensure that they have first call on any date – something that calling a band yourself could not guarantee. By building a relationship with their artists, a good agent will have their complete trust to find them the right shows in the right venues. As such, most acts will pass on any enquiry to their agent anyway.

It makes financial sense too, as exclusive agents are able to get the best possible price on an artist (with no hidden extras or add ons) and often offer special deals and discounts. By booking with A.M.A. buy anabolic steroids you can save yourself up to 20% on fees from non-exclusive agencies and gain access to great package deals on emerging talent and experienced festival DJs.

When working with an experienced booking agent you also guarantee yourself a complete support network – starting with expert advice on which artist will suit your requirements through to production and technical advice, the latest press and promotional material and a choice of support act from their emerging talent roster. Best of all, there is always someone on hand to give expert advice on all aspects of live music.

With over twenty years experience in the music agency field, Audio Networks have established themselves as Ireland’s leading booking agent. Call us today on + 353- 1 -201 3660 or + 353 86 -2504- 795 for more details.