Aslan are pleased to announce a collaboration with Bandstand, Ireland’s most innovative new Music App. Bandstand is a platform that offers artists a new method to share and release content. Aslan’s exclusive content will only be available within the Bandstand App – bringing Fans closer to the band through direct messaging, downloads and priority tickets.


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Bandstand is the first of its kind; an innovative Direct-To-Fan platform for artists to grow their fan base at the touch of a button, in the process creating long term audience engagement and sustainable revenue streams.This mobile phone app uses leading technologies to provide a user-friendly interface that allows the artist to upload, sell and manage their product while interacting with their market base (fans) directly.

For the FAN !!!
Bandstand creates the most intimate fanclub imaginable, giving members direct connectivity to the artist. This is unique to Bandstand. The Fanwall is a direct messaging service within the app with the objective of closing the gap between fans and the artist – creating real engagement and personal relationships.



Music Fans can also avail of exclusive access to unseen and rare content, exclusive video messages from the artist, access to early bird ticket offers and streams of the artists’ back catalogue, including rarities and unreleased audio content.

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Mobile: 087 2579946