An Irish Christmas

Moya Brennan, the Voice of Clannad and First Lady of Celtic Music, brings the unique atmosphere of her music to a specially produced seasonal show of celebration and reflection. 

Moya, along with her multi-talented Irish band, will draw not only on a rich selection of traditional Irish and European Christmas songs and carols but also her enticing repertoire of well-known solo and Clannad songs. The show has been presented for the last 13 years and has never failed to warm the heart and carry the spirit and message of the season to audiences throughout Europe and the USA.

Moya’s Christmas release, An Irish Christmas, is a Celtic-inspired album of classic and contemporary songs and carols, such as Silent Night, In the Bleak Midwinter, In Dulci Jubilo, and Joy to the World

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When Bono stated recently, “I think she has one of the greatest voices the human ear has ever experienced”, he was heralding what many people know already about Moya Brennan. She sings like nothing you’ve ever heard before! So it makes sense that her live solo shows – with all the musicality and power of Clannad but with added, heart-warming intimacy – should be such a rich and moving experience. Her effortless vocals and timeless music pay homage not only to her vibrant traditional Irish heritage but also her grasp of contemporary forms.

With Clannad, she rose to prominence with a pioneering approach to traditional music which has garnered them 15 million record sales worldwide and a string of awards, including a Grammy in 1998. Their sound has since become the benchmark for the Celtic music genre.  Sister Enya joined Clannad for a time before pursuing her own successful career.

Moya’s solo career has continued that success with 8 albums to her credit and more in the pipeline. Her live show has developed into a visual (as well as sound) spectacle with rhythm, atmosphere, and vibrant harmony. 

Besides her solo work, Moya has been much in demand for a number of other projects and is both vociferous and active in her championing of Irish arts and culture abroad. Her career to date includes 25 albums, numerous film scores and she has sung with many great artists, including The Chieftains, Paul Brady, Bruce Hornsby, Michael McDonald, and, of course, Bono.

Her voice continues to be in demand with other collaborators including the Colours release with Ryan Vail and Elma Orkestra, Saltwater with Chicane DJ Roger Shah, and Trance Wax. The Irish Women in Harmony collective, of which Moya was an active member, scored groundbreaking hits during 2020 whilst also highlighting the role of women musicians and artists in the business.

“Ireland is changing rapidly but one thing that remains constant is our love of music and wanting the whole world to hear it. I love being part of that”, says Moya.       

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Timeless, elemental, and carried heavenwards in a soulful breath, Moya Brennan‘s voice reaches out to the farthest places but still touches the soul. She sings with an angel’s voice, arousing a passion in every listener. Her music refreshes and heals, exciting the senses, bringing a sense of calm to tired hearts. Always fresh, forever just a dream away Moya captures the essence of her homeland in all its cascading beauty, mystery, and contradictions. Yet she sings from the heart to a world where hope, faith, and joy are not just a dream. Through her long career, through school halls, folk clubs, festivals, discos, churches, the world’s most renowned concert halls she has traveled purposefully and always focused. The power of her whispered tones and the beauty of her music touch the soul.