From Nigeria to Leixlip, The Congo to Lucan, Angola to Tallaght, we live in a small world full of possibilities and one of those possibilities is the constant cross pollinisation of musical genres that we see in today’s world. The widening of the musical gene pool promises endless potential for creative endeavours and in this epoch of the global musical village Loud Motive enter the affray.

Following on from shows at The Academy, Castlepalooza and HWCH 2015 with sell out shows in The Bello Bar, The Sound House, The Sugar Club, Whelan’s and The Workman’s Club in 2016 – Loud Motive are set to bring their sound to a whole new level this year.

This insanely creative groups music is reminiscent of the golden age of conscious Hip Hop, conjuring up images of block parties and of a sound fresh and new. Delivered with the sensitivity of Jazz and the passion of Gospel, backed by stellar rhythms, played by musicians possessing a natural feel for the groove Loud Motives music does all this but still adds a 21st century upgrade in message and incoming musical inspiration, the results are in a class of their own.

Despite the band members young ages, their music is a mature declaration of their intuition and flair for grasping the original ethos of Hip Hop whilst taking it into the multi-cultural zeitgeist of modern times.

Press Release 

The young Irish Hip-Hop group are back, releasing ‘Honda Accord.’ Following sell out performances in The Bello Bar, Whelan’s, The Sound House and The Sugar Club, Loud Motive dropped their first music video as a preview for their fans on Facebook. The video amassed close to 10,000 organic views in under 24 hours. Under the eye of director Ovie David Williams, the group show us that they are not to be underestimated.

A sleek video compliments the new material, enthralling the viewer. Honda Accord is unlike any previous release by the up-and-coming act, however they show us that they refuse to let their excellent form slip. Loud Motive display masterful use of a simple yet high impact instrumental section which marries nicely with the lyrical prowess of Marvel Mav. The song most definitely adds to the high energy atmosphere that has blown away audience members in the past.

Honda Accord is an unmissable, excellently crafted release and yet is only a sample of what Loud Motive have in store for us.

‘Honda Accord’ is available as a free download for a limited time only at before general release on all major platforms over the coming weeks.

The Birth of Loud Motive

Formed in 2015 Loud Motive are Paddy Tunga – Drums, Kevin Fitzgerald – Guitar, Marvell Mavungu – Vocals, Eli Dapson – Keyboards and Danny Duho – Bass Guitar. Four of the bands members moved to Ireland from Africa as children, a big cultural adjustment that hasn’t been without it’s own set of difficulties, but as with most hard challenges in life what doesn’t kill you just makes you stronger and in some way the challenges faced by Paddy, Marvell, Eli and Danny have been offset by each of the individuals passion for music. The only Irishman born and raised in the band guitarist Kevin Fitzgerald didn’t have it all so easy either as he says with his own individual swagger.

“On the north side of Dublin born and raised, in St.Annes park is where I spent most of me days, chillin with me cash and relaxin all cool and drop kickin dudes from St.Pauls school, when a couple a rats who came straight from the flats, threatened all me mates with some baseball bats, I got in one little fight and me ma couldn’t breathe, she said your moving to your aunty and uncle in West Meath.”

Fresh Prince of Raheny aside this obvious sense of humour can be seen throughout the bands optimistic attitude towards life and the music they create and when it appears in their compositions it’s like a tip of the hat to the memorable skits of Dela Soul on their pivotal and hugely influential work “3 feet high and rising”. Being able to back up this ‘off the cuff’ humour musically is no easy task particularly with musical reference points as diverse as “Stevie Wonder” to “A Tribe Called Quest” but somehow Loud Motive make it all sound so effortless.