The Ultimate Festival Experience with delectable artists straight from the AMA Music Agency roster!


Your Extraordinary summer party begins here; with an abundant of artists of various genres and styles to choose from, entertaining your crowds right at your doorstep or abroad.

Together with our expert team and award-winning bands, we ensure that your festival will be the one to be at this year.
Our amazing musicians have spent their time wowing audiences all over the world with their unique performances, engaging set and popular songs – which you will have heard played on the radio, or at television appearances. Their wealth of experience lies within many gigs in many countries such as Germany, Portugal, Spain and the UK and with every festival the excitement of the next grows not only for our acts but most certainly for the festival goers also.



Ordinary is not an option, therefore choosing one of our effervescent artists will be of extra ordinary experience, with a show quite like no other and sing-along songs to the brilliant Irish rock legends Aslan or perhaps the indie favourites HamsanwicH.

Our books are filled with invigorating acts that precisely know how to bring the festival atmosphere to the stage and will not stop until the last in the crowd is dancing with laughter and joy – bringing that summer feel even to a rainy day…

Just check below for who exactly we can offer you and make sure to get in touch with us with your proposal or booking inquiry via [email protected] or alternatively simply leave your details with our Contact Page.


Our roster include the amazing:

  • Aslan
  • Gilbert O’Sullivan
  • Paddy Casey
  • Declan O’Rourke
  • Keywest
  • Blindboy
  • The Rubberbandits
  • Ryan Sheridan
  • Brian Kennedy
  • Coronas
  • The 4 Of Us
  • Tupelo
  • State Lights
  • Peter M Smith & Dead X Ray
  • Red Empire
  • Rocstrong

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AMA Music Agency has been a part of the music industry for over 25+ years and with each and every single booking gathered invaluable knowledge in regards to what kind of act is the perfect addition to make a festival pump! Our bands will contribute to the festival’s allure by boasting a wealth of exuberant talent, passion, dedication professionalism but most of all the fun-factor brought to the stage. As well as that the musicians reputation within the music industry is second to none due to their collective excitement for a show and their need to give your attendees as good as a time as possibly can be had.

It is a known that the Irish know how to throw a party and this is also very true when it comes to our country’s exuberantly talented artists. Bring a blissful, enchanting, hopping, exciting and fun feel to your summer festival and book one of Ireland’s most well respected bands who’ve been enjoying longevity in the sometimes unforgiving industry. Our bands will deliver and certainly invite a little bit of the beloved Irish to their set, providing your festival goers with something a little different, welcomed and unique at your summer event, may it be in Dublin, Cork or abroad.




Ryan Sheridan


Declan O’Rourke


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