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Producing a memorable music festival is not rocket science yet requires patience, time, a meticulous craftsman with a great ear and of course to be “in the know” about what is “in” and what makes a festival special - stand out from the next!
There are a couple of things which should always be in your mindset as your event develops and if you remain aware of these you’ll be holding that coveted trophy for ‘No 01 festival Of The Year’ (figuratively speaking) in no time.
AMA Music Agency proudly represents the best in Irish music, as well as highly respectable musicians from all over the globe who really know how to attract a crowd. As your ‘One Stop Festival Shop’ we can offer you the tremendously talented Gilbert O’Sullivan to inspire, rock legends Aslan to well, R.O.C.K, East 17 to reminisce, Ryan Sheridan to dance, Declan O’Rourke to instill, Dearly Beloved to embolden, Moya The Voice of Clannad to serenade, The Logues for a good jig and pop indie groups Keywest & The Coronas to swoon over.

With the diverse musical acts we can provide for you and most importantly your punters, your festival’s fan base will experience dramatic growth and therefore will be the one to attend year after year.

Below the incredibly diverse list of only the finest in music and best of all, it only takes ONE phone call or email to avail of all of this:

Profile & High Level Artists

Gilbert O'Sullivan


The Coronas

Christy Dignam & Joe Jewell from Aslan


Ryan Sheridan

Declan O'Rourke

Paddy Casey


The 4 Of Us

Brian Kennedy

Something Happens

Hurricane Highway

Morrissey & Marshall

Track Dogs (SPAIN)

Lax 'N Busto

Dearly Beloved (CANADA)


East 17

Phats & Small

The Wonder Stuff

Folk and Traditional Irish Bands

Moya The Voice Of Clannad

The Logues

Perfect Friction

The Celtic Tenors


Celtic Singing Waiters

Pilgrim Street

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