Rob Higgins’ Brain Child: ‘Phoebe St.’ (‘Make Love’ mini-doc)

Rob Higgins could be described as a bit of a musically creative whirlwind, lending his talent as a skilled bassist to numerous bands, touring with Juliette Lewis and My Chemical Romance (to name a few) and then he went about to “accidentally” form his very own Alternative/Rock project, the effervescent Dearly Beloved.

Touring extensively with various bands, producing records, recording in the desert, regenerating a bit of himself by himself and letting his mind wander towards new musical outlets and creations, all has guided him towards his own studio in Toronto’s Phoebe Street and a lovely, introspective documentary: ‘Phoebe Street’ (‘Make Love’ Mini Doc) -which focuses on local independent artists “who make a living doing what they love.”

Sarah Murphy wrote up this great article explaining all – do take a look:



Dearly Beloved: Olympics Of No Regard

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