Aside from the well known and established bands on our site, the AMA Music Agency is also home to many of the most exciting and lauded new acts in Ireland. From rock to pop, electronic to singer songwriters, our emerging artists provide a vital snapshot of what’s happening in Irish music today. Here’s our guide to some the best:

Fred – Part of the great tradition of left of centre bands from Cork, Fred have been making firm commercial progress over three albums. Latest Go God Go spawned a number of hit singles and success has followed, not only at home, but in Canada and Europe as well.

Talulah Does The Hula – The nation’s brightest new pop quintet rose from the ashes of The Chalets to continue the latter’s proud tradition of putting the sparkle into Irish music. Recently seen on The Late Late Show performing their latest single ‘Don’t Panic’, the band will be touring Ireland later in the year.

Le Galaxie – A four man interface with a weird world of electronics, Le Galaxie kick up a dance floor friendly instrumental storm. A series of independent single releases have cemented their position as one of Ireland’s most dynamic

new bands, with their 2011 debut album expecting to lift them to even greater heights.

Sweet Jane

– The classic rock ‘n’ roll attitude is alive and well and embodied by Dublin’s Sweet Jane. Fronted by the devastating duo of Lydia Des Dolles and Danda Paxton, they have been championed by the likes of Alan McGee, Power Of Dreams and Glasvegas.

Preachers Son – Fronted by Brian Hogan of Kila and Emmaline Duffy-Fallon (previously of Engine Alley), Preachers Son are a glamourous yet dark journey into the heart of music. Debut album Love, Life And Limb is out now.

Hal – That Hal’s debut single was a tribute to The Band’s Rick Danko makes perfect sense, enthralled as the band are by the sound of classic American music. Gorgeous harmonies combine with sweet melodies to create a sound that effortlessly transports the listener to another, dreamy place.

Other City Records Package Tour – Any Other City Records is one of Ireland's most exciting new labels. Founded by James Byrne of Villagers, it was the label that first brought us Conor O'Brien in that guise and has gone on to showcase some of the best new talent in Ireland. Their three act package tour features New Amusement, Squarehead and Hello Moon, all emerging bands who have been winning plaudits in the press of late. This triple bill is available at a special introductory price for national dates in November and December.