With this new era of iphones, blackberry's and other smart-phones apps are becoming an increasingly integral part of day to day browsing for millions worldwide and unsurprisingly one of the most popular topics of search is music. Whether it is keeping up-to-date with news on your favorite artists, checking out new music, photos or videos of

emerging talent, finding out where and when the next gig is or having a read through some of the high profile artists' blogs apps continue to prove to be the best way to do it..

Rather than spending hours trawling through the likes of Facebook, Twitter, bands official websites and fan sites for news on your favorite artists, all the information you will ever need can be found right in the palm of your hand at the touch of a button with the A.M.A. Music Agency and Audionetworks user-friendly apps.

The fact that these apps will be designed by and created specifically for Irela

nd's largest booking agents will translate into many benefits for the user and fan. First and foremost you can be guaranteed that the information supplied is accurate, both the A.M.A. Music Agency and Audionetworks are in direct contact with all the artists and oversee all scheduling so there is no chance of arriving to a venue and being disappointed with a different band performing or no band at all!

Also because of the agencies' close contact with their artists both the A.M.A. Music Agency and Audionetworks apps will allow the user and fan access to first to know information and updates on all their favorite Irish artists including band news, tour dates, new music and availability as well as the best direct prices and swift response on all enquiries if interested in booking any one of their original artists.

Watch this space as both the A.M.A. Music Agency and Audionetworks apps will be coming very soon…