Jesse John Heffernan

This Irish-Caribbean artist boasts an infusion of style. From his silky soulful vocals to the funky full sound of his tracks, you’ll find something to groove to. Catch him performing at this year’s Guinness Jazz Festival.

Like his Facebook page to find out more about him.

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NC Grey

Hugely effortless in performance, NC has been playing at some of Dublin and Ireland’s most well known venues and festivals. This year see’s the rising star hit the road with some tour dates around Ireland and the UK.

Touring dates can be found via her social media platforms.

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Jared Dylan

Hailing from Boston, USA – Singer/songwriter Jared Dylan brought his groovey-pop stylings to the Irish shores in January 2018 and has been touring the country ever since. While also supporting a number of big named Irish artists like Aslan and Paddy Casey, his most recent release was given a new flavour – remixed by the acclaimed Irish Dj John Gibbons and with that the original released version of ‘Can’t Stop’ has been consistently played all over Irish radio.

He is currently working on a feature length documentary about his life and musical career, which we’re awaiting patiently find out when it will in fact be released.

Find out more about Jared over on Facebook.

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Tupelo are an award-winning alt-folk act hailing from Ireland. Featuring members from different musical backgrounds and an all acoustic line-up, the band got together in 2008 and set about creating a sound which can only be described as unique, a result of the melting pot of influences brought to the table from the individual members.

Their brand new album was just released last month and has received numerous brilliant reviews. You can get it via their website here.

Check out their Facebook for more.

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Mastering the Stage so naturally, André Bangala a.k.a ROCSTRONG has been performing at some of Ireland’s top Festivals and venues with hugh press acclaim with his original hit track ‘Go Head’ also being featured in an advert for McDonalds and with one listen you’ll hear why, it’s just so catchy and fun.

Find out more about ROCstrong over on Facebook.

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