There are an abundance of great festivals taking place in Ireland throughout our four seasons, with each event getting bigger & BETTER with every year passing.
Whether you are looking to entertain your crowd from the beloved village park folk gatherings to the epic spectacles, attracting visitors in the thousands from all over - it is undeniably of utmost importance to present your punters with an appealing and foremost STRONG line up of first-rate musicians.
AMA Music Agency has supplied a variety of festivals in Ireland and abroad with artists harbouring that particular ‘je ne sais quoi’ every organiser is on the hunt for to trump the last musical presentation.

You may be under the impression that a solo act will not be able to entertain a horde of demanding festival goers and perhaps would drown in the crowd of screams. You are wrong! Our Singers For Festivals are pros at what they do and have played for the largest convocations worldwide, therefore they know exactly how to please, charm, fascinate but most importantly engage with a crowd.

In the mood for a lot of loveliness, the intriguing and inspiring? The incredible Gilbert O'SullivanThe 4 Of Us, Declan O’Rourke, Paddy Casey, Mark Hogan or Brian Kennedy would be the perfect addition to your festival billing, yet if you fancy something more upbeat, something that gets everyone’s ‘dance on’ Ryan Sheridan, Peter M. Smith, Garrett Wall, Keywest or Rocstrong are the performers for you!

Take a look at the videos of the perfect festival singers below:

Gilbert O'Sullivan

Ryan Sheridan

Declan O'Rourke

Paddy Casey


The 4 Of Us

Brian Kennedy

Peter M. Smith

Garrett Wall / Track Dogs

Mark Hogan

Andre from Rocstrong

Capture some of that coveted artistry, activism & fun by inviting the diverse and eclectic to your big gig. Combine traditional with street, hip hop with rock, the ballads with analogue beats and the electronic with pop.

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