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‘Friction Burns’ reflects the absolutely terrifying anticipation of letting yourself go in a new relationship with all the scars of past relationships and mistakes hovering. Inhibiting you from giving yourself fully, but facing those fears head on for the right person. Moving from a place of darkness to warmth and hope.
The video Directed by Johnny Stewart (This is Wolff Photography) and video concept by fellow Mullingar creatives Bronte Photography, their combined dynamic creativity bring the songs narrative of love and music to life through stunning story-telling and visuals.
‘Friction Burns’ official video, sees band make a journey from hopelessness to a place of cathartic release and possibility. Called to move forward by a beautiful ethereal song, reconnecting with the tools they are so familiar with but haven’t seen or touched in what seems like a lifetime. The music unlocks the energy within them all, giving them strength to finally burn the ties that bound them in the past but helped to make them stronger and light the way to a brighter future.
It explores the songs theme of facing fears and fighting for something powerful in love but also what can only be expected to be a common fear by many musicians during lockdown, will we ever perform again and how music provided shreds of light during the dark times.
The release of the new single ‘Friction Burns’ is the start of the bands next chapter. Niall Breslin aka (Bressie) (Guitar / Lead Vocals), Louize Carroll (Bass), Justin Ryan (Lead Guitar) and Dec Murphy (Drums) have huge plans for 2022. The band are stronger, more passionate and energised than ever and are ready to share it all with their fans and make some new ones along the way. Follow the band Instagram // TikTok // Twitter // Facebook // Spotify // Youtube

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    Nov , 2021

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    Rock , Pop,