Brands and Music, they were made for each other. AMA Music Marketing have the direct access, insight and energy to bring them together to make an impression. We have the ability to engage and talk with your audiences in languages they understand, music & social media. That’s good for your brand, it’s positioning, and awareness reach.

At AMA we make things happen. We have a great track record. Our bands like us and our clients too, because we deliver. However, AMA is not just about direct access to bands, we understand social media, what makes the audience tick and interact.

We’ve developed our own app called Bandstand, it’s powerful, it works. Creativity too. We’ve buckets of it. Not only from the people in our agency, but through people who work with us too, specialists in their field, from full video production to product branding, bringing real power to our offering.

  • Exclusive & Direct Talent roster to work with brands
    Branded music tours
    Unique Facebook promotions
    Music branding on line and at live events
    Content licensing, broadcasting, webcasting
    Digital, mobile, and social media campaign development
    Unique downloading products and ideas to work alongside brands
    Event production and hospitality
    Insider music industry knowledge
    Strategy and planning
    Creative concepts with design to fit your brand or product
    Full production from logistics, staging, video etc.
    Analysis – post-campaign feedback and statistics

The potential is huge, let’s talk and make things happen!

Call us now on + 353 1 201 3660 or email us [email protected] for advice on promoting your brand with AMA Music Marketing.