Jonathon's Musical Story

The beginning of Jonathon Russell’s musical undertakings began at the age of 11 when he took up the trumpet. While this taught him the ability to read music and develop proper timing, the trumpet never gave him the ability to feel creative or truly express himself through music, so at age of 13 he asked for a guitar with some lessons and found his real passion.

After about 6 months of learning the guitar, Jonathon discovered an interest in singing as well. It didn’t take long before he was playing and singing simple songs at school whenever he could bring his guitar in. Once settled in secondary school, Jonathon formed his first band called Red Effect with two school friends. Red Effect lasted only a year but getting some local gigs in community centres and youth cafes kindled the fire in Jonathon to perform. Unfortunately, Red Effect didn't last long and 18 months after splitting up, Jonathon, along with an old member of Red Effect and two new friends from Bantry formed the band Thundering Mike. Everyone was older this time and took things a little more seriously, to the point where they had regular pub gigs during the summer including some local festivals. Sadly, Thundering Mike didn’t stand the test of time either and when the summer of 2011 had finished, everyone went their separate ways for college, travel or work.

At this time, Jonathon Russell made the choice to move to Victoria on the west coast of Canada and pursue a solo career in music while supporting himself as a Chef. In the 5 years spent in Canada Jonathon became a confident solo artist and advanced himself by enrolling in classical singing training at the Victoria Conservatory of Music. While initially all his gigs were covers he soon developed a knack for song writing and in August 2016 a two-week holiday in Ireland turned into months of inspired song writing and a lot of quality time spent with Wayne Sheehy recording an album.

Jonathon’s influences come from many different directions, as he appreciates almost any kind of music, but Chris Cornell, Dave Grohl, Bob Dylan and Paul McCartney were the ones who inspired him to write his own music and helped develop his own unique style of writing. Jonathon is now back in Ireland, based in both Dublin and Cork, constantly writing, recording and performing.