Natty Wailer & The Reggae Vibes

Ireland over the years sure has produced some excellent talent in music, so much so that I would cheekily like to go as far as saying it’s on its way of becoming the real capital of music in the world. ;).. Musicians from all over the globe are drawn to our emerald isle in order to hone their craft and continue to play alongside real musicians who are in appreciation of what real music is. Raw, eccentric, eclectic, colourful & playful. With that in mind it is a credit to our musical island to welcome artists from all backgrounds who will undoubtedly be of great asset to the scene.
One of these musicians is non other than Natty Wailer. A singer, musician and song writer who rehearsed, recorded and toured with the legend that is Bob Marley and the Wailers for over nine years and is now a renowned reggae Artist in his own right, residing in Ireland. What an honour that sure is to our small country.
Natty Wailer – Is This Love

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Natty Wailer – Could You Be Loved

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Natty’s accompanied by his band ” The Reggae Vibes” who are all seasoned Jamaican reggae musicians.
Natty Wailer himself is from and inspired by the old school Reggae of the legendary Bob Marley and the Wailers and during his time spent with the star he lent his formidable keyboarding skills proudly to the music icon. As a result Natty has learnt the music trade to the extent of adapting the formula for making good music while spreading the importance of history and culture in his own beautiful and insightful way.
After leaving the Wailers in 2000, he found his own entourage “Natty Wailer and the Reggae Vibes” with the main purpose of continuing this tradition. Ireland sure is in for a treat !!!

For booking information please simply get in contact with [email protected] and feel free to keep up to date on Natty Wailer’s shows, releases and news via his website and social media accounts.