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Pato Banton

A Pato Banton concert is an event not to be missed and an experience not to be forgotten. Positive Vibrations abound with a beat to keep you on your dancing feet, while Pato delivers a message that is food for the mind and soul. Many have considered his charismatic performance as live theatre where no [...]

Jessy Greene

Jessy Greene is a violinist, vocalist, recording artist and composer. She has toured extensively and recorded with the Foo Fighters and P!nk and composes and plays string arrangements for artist such as Rita Ora, Post Malone, Wilco, Glen Campbell, Ben Harper, RZA, The Jayhawks and more. In addition she has released two solo records and [...]

Milf from EMF

If knowledge is king then sureley Milfredo at the very least, must be prince. The term "back in the day " is one all to easily banded these days, but this guy plied his trade in that very era. A trip to Malia in 1985, a chance meeting with Kool Herc, some might say he [...]

Arrested Development

Arrested Development - Speaks thru music to the world. Speech one of the vocalist for this collective says: "People have been through so much turmoil and strife. We get on stage every night with the mission to broaden the perspectives and give inspiration to rise up." Unsurprisingly, then, the Grammy award winning group Arrested Development [...]

8 x Emerging New Talents You Should Book For Your Next Music Festival

AMA’S TOP HEADLINE ARTISTS ; Click here or call +353 (0)1 201 3660   AMA Music Agency Ltd is proud to be offering a platform for emerging Irish and international artists of all genres & styles, dedicating our time & efforts to booking LIVE concerts for “the fresh and new” as well as developing musicians [...]

  • Gilbert O'Sullivan available for bookings with AMA Music Agency

New Ideas For Booking Bands For Your Next Music Festival

AMA’S TOP HEADLINE ARTISTS ; Click here or call +353 (0)1 201 3660   Producing a memorable music festival is not rocket science yet requires patience, time, a meticulous craftsman with a great ear and of course to be “in the know” about what is “in” and what makes a festival special - stand out [...]

Singers For Festivals with AMA Music Agency

There are an abundance of great festivals taking place in Ireland throughout our four seasons, with each event getting bigger & BETTER with every year passing. Whether you are looking to entertain your crowd from the beloved village park folk gatherings to the epic spectacles, attracting visitors in the thousands from all over - it [...]

Top 5 Killer DJ Ideas For Music Festivals

Book a music wizard on the decks who is destined to turn your festival into a thumping success. Life behind the decks, on a massive stage, has become a welcomed norm for our experienced DJs who have worked years to hone their skill behind the mixer, playing at the most exclusive parties, for the most [...]

  • Peter M. Smith & Dead X-Ray available for hire with

How To Make The Perfect Billing and Line Up For a Music Festival

Before even attending your upcoming festival, you will have to impress your punters with your announced line up so that tickets will fly off the shelves, leading to a large crowd on the day(s) The Irish music industry is currently experiencing a kick-ass wake with great new talent emerging from the emerald shores offering us [...]

Top 7 Unique Ideas for Festivals

The world of festivals is full of fun and crazy stand-out ideas, and those organisers & coordinators that think outside of the box, with a one-step-ahead kind of attitude are usually the ones to draw in the biggest crowd. In today’s world we are more than ever attracted to the weird and wonderful and are [...]