Recent Loose Converts:

'Trailblazers. The Celtic twilight turned into Celtic soul with Van Morrison. Republic of Loose grabbed the Celtic tiger by the tail, swung it around their heads and threw it out the window into the cosmos. What I love about their Celtic cosmos movement is that they don't want anybody else in it. Republic of Loose are sophisticated soul boot boys.' Bono.

'Comeback Girl, Republic of Loose. The greatest song ever written'. Irving Welsh.

'Fucking Amazing' Jake Shears, Sissor Sisters .

REPUBLIC OF LOOSE are simply THE BEST IRISH BAND EVER! Each member bringing something unique. Every one of them blew me away and I hope to get to work with them lots more. In fact…I want to join! – Sinead O'Connor

“The best band in the country this year and for many years to come” Gary Lightbody, Snow Patrol.

VOL IV: Johnny Pyro And The Dance Of Evil (Released 2008) – Irish Press

“This is a record that recognizes no frontiers, The Loose have evidenced more musical personality and wit then most bands parcel out over an entire career” Alternative Ulster 9/10

“A giddy, dizzying journey through disco, soul, r'n'b and soul pounding electronica, VOL IV: will surpass the expectations of even their most devoted fans” Metro Life 4/5

“Another excellent album from one of the best bands in the country” Hotpress 4/5

“Another cracking record from probably the best band in Ireland” Sunday Tribune 4/5

“The fun

k-soul classic they've always threatened to make” Sunday Business Post 4/5

“A celebration of the physical/spiritual wild thing. Other bands bluster, Republic of Loose blister” The Irish Times

Aaagh! (Released 2006) – UK press:

“World Class Tunes and a fearless figure head, fusing four decades of danceability from James Brown to Hall & Oates to Justin Timberlake” L.A Weekly.

“Splicing Outkast and The Stones in songs that rely on pure feel” The Observer.

'a glossily produced, fairly funky slab of sophistication' Q Magazine

'A slice of Sleazy funk-soul that sounds like a seedy

Hall & Oats produced by Pharrell Williams' The Times

'Bad-Assed, Booty-Centric brilliance, nigh on perfect' Time Out

'Brazen sexual commentaries set to energetic elctro-funk grooves rooted in hip-hop attitude and soul power' The Independent

'Meaty Beats' NME

'Republic Of Loose have managed a whole album's worth of this delicious funk-pop stuff, with its lascivious lyrics and libidinous rhythms' The Guardian

This is the Tomb of the Juice (Released 2004) – UK Press:

“a cocktail of sleazy blues, dirty funk and righteous fervour that has more in common with the deep south than the suburbs of Dublin”. Q magazine

“an astonishing work of wit and soul, blurring musical boundaries in a distinctly 21st century fashion” Daily Telegraph

“a cross between the Happy Mondays and Sly & The Family Stone.” NME