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At their heart MDT are three huge music fans. You can hear it in their music; scratching away at the glimmer of a catchy melody that takes hold and won’t let go. Every note and rest is laid to hijack the casual listener. “You there! Hear this!” they seem to cry. Each song explores a different facet of the sounds that have moved them. Tricky to put into words; sort of rocky, dancey, punky, heavy, cheeky, pop with guitars and epic vocals? Yeah, whatever. So long as it has a good hook.

from Carwell Casswell on Vimeo.

So the lowdown in short order is as follows: Steve, Matt and Mog founded MDT in 2008 and they released their debut record The Crayon Masterpiece EP in December 2009. They then played plenty of exciting live shows, had

a Sky TV appearance and got their music played on some programming output of the BBC and ITV. Which brought them into 2012 and the making of their debut LP Captatio Benevolentiae with Cesar Gimeno Lavin (Modest Mouse, White Lies, Guillemots). It was released in October 2012 to critical acclaim.

from Carwell Casswell on Vimeo.

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Irish Daily Star
An infectious enough blend of art-rock and punk-funk to make you want to listen to it again. 3/5
Motorcycle Display Team are definitely a band to listen to live: they are energetic, fun and musically brilliant. With the release of their debut album ‘Captatio Benevolentiae’, the band prove themselves also as very successful recording artists, producing a piece of art in sound. 4/5