Craic Appeal is an Irish hip hop collective, formed in Ireland in 2013.

The group consists of adept rappers Zisto, Shak, SMann and S.G Guillotine. In unison, these members bring together their various cultural backgrounds and experiences of their home countries such as Ireland South Africa, England and Swaziland to the fore front of Craic Appeal. The uniqueness of each artist’s accent and diverse musical elements is what merges together to create Craic Appeal’s distinctive sound and rhythmic compositions.

This high-powered unit is more than just a rap group, but rather a lifestyle, a brand, a product. A period of momentous progress resulted in Craic Appeal’s release of phenomenal tracks like ‘Rifles’, ‘Manners’, ‘Rap Lines’ and ‘Fallback.’ Their mixtape is set to release in December of this year 2016, and later their EP during the summer in 2017. Craic Appeal and its talented artists wish to reinvent hip hop music in the Irish scene and are determined to present a new outfit to the masses.
As Craic Appeal endures with a creative approach to hip hop music, the anticipation of future releases continues to rise and the upcoming achievements will solidify them as notable artists.


About Craic Appeal



Zisto is a South African rapper and hip hop artist based in Ireland. He is well known as a member of Craic Appeal. Born in Johannesburg, South Africa, this diverse and dynamic artist was musically influenced at an early age from his mother's 70's Motown records, R&B and Hip Hop music. At age 15, his musical writing took shape; most of his lyrical compositions are environmentally influenced by his hometown Soweto Dobsonville, where he draws inspiration from his exposure to the violent behaviour of Soweto gangs. After having moved to Ireland, Zisto began to
advance his skills and focused solely on his music, this is when his musical journey started to unfold. His lyrical pieces reflect the various lifestyles he experienced such as the South African and Irish lifestyles. Zisto's debut single “Kush” featuring South African rapper 'Shak' attracted fans in and around Ireland which led to him racking up shows in Kilkenny, Waterford, Dublin and Cork. Following this Zisto recruited some Dope members and formed the group Craic Appeal. He played at venues suchas Voodoo Dublin, D.I.E Night Limerick and Brewery Corner. He is also influenced by 'Kwaito' a genreof music from South Africa, Redman, Devin The Dude, Nas and The Game. Churning out tracks likeMoney Cravings, Kush, Rifles, Not Like You and Raw, the list goes on Zisto continues to be a force in the Irish Hip Hop scene



As the hip hop culture continues to give birth to new talent, the lyrical capabilities and delivery of Swazi born artist Shak (Mlungisi Dlamini) has been taking shape at a fast pace. Raised in the atrocious streets of Jorburg City, Shak made a commitment to his music at an early age of 17 as an escape. Drawing influence from Kwaito South African music and rappers like Tupac, Nas and N.W.A., Shak managed to release quite a few singles. After moving to Ireland, at the age of 23 was when his first mix tape was released entitled ‘KASI’ –meaning ‘Hood’. Stepping onto the music scene in Ireland, he collaborated with Hip Hop/Rap artist Zisto and released the tracks ‘Kush’ and ‘Money Cravings.’ Together they formed Craic Appeal and this was when their musical success escalated. Under Craic Appeal were the releases of tracks ‘Riffles,’ ‘Rap Lines’ and ‘Raw’; amongst others. Shak along with the artists of Craic Appeal went on to perform at Voodoo Lounge Dublin, D.I.E Night Limerick, Brewery Coner, Kilkenny, Waterford and Cork City. Shak is one artist to keep an eye on, with his determination, passion for music and drive for success; he is bound to shine in the music in



Born in Margate, England in 1994 is Hip Hop artist SG Guillotine (Samuel Guilfoyle) based in Kilkenny, Ireland. After being introduced to Rap and Hip Hop at the age of 16, it quickly became a main component of his life. SG Guillotine grew up listening to American Rap, and was driven and influenced by artists such as Eminem, 50 Cent and Tyga. This led SG Guillotine to embrace his songwriting skills as he possessed the drive and dedication to become a Hip Hop artist. SG Guillotine refined his skills by acquiring new techniques and incorporating them into his music. SG Guillotine's articulate artistry ranges from laying down tracks in the studio to how it is performed live in front of an audience. Since embarking on his Hip Hop career, SG Guillotine joined Craic Appeal Entertainment where he collaborated with other like-minded Hip Hop artists such as Zisto and Shak. Since then, he has released tracks like ‘Fall Back’, ‘Rap Line’, ‘Rifles’ and ‘Raw’. After gaining success, he went on to perform at various venues like The Brewery Corner, Voodoo Lounge Dublin, D.I.E Night Limerick and in cities such as Waterford, Cork and Kilkenny. There is no letting up for SG Guillotine as his likeness for detail allows him to express eloquently, his musical creations.



Born in London, England is Craic Appeal rapper S. Mann (Stephen Anthony Gartland), a notable and passionate musician. Being raised in foster care, hanging around the outskirts of his home town, and facing challenges was once part of S. Mann’s life. To escape from the negativity that surrounded him, he turned to music. At a young age, music has been a main component in S. Mann’s life, listening to UK garage grime is one thing that he holds close to his heart. Artists like Wiley, Dizzy Rascal, Dr. Dre, Eminem, 2 Pac, Biggie and Tech N9ne awoken the determination in S. Mann, and he is inspired to expand his musical conquest. After moving from London to Ireland four years ago, Craic Appeal approached S. Mann to join the group. From then on, creating music and progressing through his dreams is the core aspect of his life. By collaborating with like-minded artists, S. Mann has the opportunity to enhance his capabilities and incorporate new techniques in his musical creations. This dynamic artist truly believes that he was born to be a musician, with aspirations to go far with his art, some day he will achieve everything he dreams of.